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KAPSO- India’s Leading Business Brokers invite you to collaborate with us. Just as KAPSO believes that every business has its own inimitable resources, we also believe in the uniqueness of each individual and the distinctive zest of their skills. KAPSO is more than a company, we are a symbiosis of different personalities. We have a diverse team of Engineers, Chartered Accounts, Lawyers, Finance Professionals, Graphic Designers, PRs all under one roof.

We believe in Playing the Game- To Change the Game! If you have the Passion, Creativity and Flexibility to work with KAPSO. We can help you achieve your potential, while you help us in surpassing new heights. While we trust in our qualities of Integrity, Performance and Perfection, we still seek remarkable people to Change us for the Better, every day.

Join us as employees, interns or freelancers in content writing, marketing, advertising and other productive capacities. If you have the appetite to reach out to incredible opportunities, get in touch with us at KAPSO Careers.