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Sell Your Business

You might want to sell your business for various reasons – better business idea, old age, health, financial difficulties, time constraints, migration, management issues etc.

Regardless of the size of your business, we are here to help you find a buyer. Selling your business could be the most important and largest financial transaction you will make. For many owners, selling their business, which they have spent years, to build, can be emotionally difficult and at times extremely stressful.

We completely understand your situation and we are committed to provide you the best solutions with high integrity.Our highly qualified professional team takes you from preparing your business for negotiation to actual final sale by identifying the perfect buyer, from a range of interested participants. We ensure 100% confidentiality in all our dealings.

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How much time does it take to sell a business?

It usually takes longer to sell a business than a house or a commercial building. The average time to sell a business is usually between six to twelve months. However, there are exceptions. Some businesses may sell within a month of being put in the market. Others may take several years to attract the right buyers. We seek out and talk to suitable buyers every day. We try to get the perfect one for you and not just anyone.

How can I trust confidentiality of the transaction? Is my business for sale visible to everyone?

Unlike the sale of a home or a commercial building, businesses do not have a “for sale” sign. Business Sales must be kept confidential; all buyers are required to sign a NDA (Buyer Confidentiality Agreement) prior to detailed information about your business being provided. This is the preliminary step to protecting the seller’s confidential information.
We understand that public knowledge of a potential sale can affect the attitude and actions of customers, employees, competitors, lenders, suppliers, or investors, and thus the value of the company. We safeguard and release appropriate information only to parties involved. We will put your business on our website only after your consent. We advertise with or without business name disclosure.

Is It Priced Right?

While a smart buyer may be willing to pay a premium for a good business, nobody will overpay. Buyers need to be certain that the revenue and profits can be sustained, they can service any debt, pay themselves a reasonable salary, and ideally, have enough left to grow the business. No matter how good your business may be, the price and terms must fit within the prescribed borders for this to be a good investment.

How do I know if I can sell my business?

We will objectively evaluate your entire business in order to understand its demand. We will have a conversation with you to set the right value for the business. Our experts will then consult the database to check the buyers and contact them with the business proposal. Based on our experience and the feedback received we can guide you if you are ready to sell the business.

What will you charge me?

A prefixed percentage fee will be charged for connecting you with the perfect buyer only after the deal is sealed. There is a small upfront payment based on your package to ensure that you are a serious seller.

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Gross Profit Margin (Approximately)

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Staff Size & Details (Approximately)

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What all is Included in Sale (Tangible & Intangible)
(e.g. Licenses, Brand Name, Trademark If Premises, then rented or owned & sq.ft. area, rent)

Description of the Business/ Additional Information/ Additional Requirements