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Why you should buy a business?

Many people want to go into leadership roles in their life, for this they mostly have 2 options, first is that they should follow the hierarchy of the organization and climb the way up to the CXO level, but it surely takes a lot of time and dedication. Anothe...

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Why Financial Statements donít work for digital companies?

We have recently heard of IPO’s of companies like Uber, Twitter etc. these are digital companies and despite of showing losses of US $ 97 million, twitter commanded a valuation of US $24 billion on its IPO date. And other example we can take is Facebook...

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What is overdraft and cash credit?

Overdraft is a facility which is available to current account holders mostly. In rare cases it can be provided to saving account holders. Let us understand this concept with the help of a situation. Suppose there is a person and he has a good relation with th...

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How to value a small business?

Describing a small business: A small business basically has 3 main parts namely Business, Customer, Owner. On the other hand, in case of a large business we have owners in the form of shareholders and other two parts customer and business is pretty much same....

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Why is selling your business a good option?

In the world of mergers and acquisitions, there are thousands of transactions that happen on each day, millions and billions worth of transaction are made, these transactions involve mergers, acquisitions, leveraged buyouts, management buyouts or recapitaliza...

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4 Types of Customers

For any business, there are basically four types of customers:

  1. The Cheap Customers → These type of clients buy products based on price. They do not care about anything but the price. While checking...

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Financial Ratio Analysis

Investors, creditors and internal company management uses certain financial ratios to analyze where a business is standing financially. Some of the most commonly used financial ratios are:

Calculation of Working Capital Finance

  • Working capital denotes the amount of current assets required by a firm to achieve the required sales target for the year. It refers to the amount of money available for a firm to conduct its day to day activities.

  • ...

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Difference between Manufacturing and Service Process

A pure manufacturing process will be one, where the manufacturer only produces a product and do not provide any service at all. If there is an organization that provides some service and service alone, like a hospital, then it follows pure service process. Read more

Business Outlook of India

In the recent months, India has improved its position in World Bank’s ranking of nations by Ease of Doing Business, from 130 to 100. This jump can be attributed to the changes brought in terms of ease of payment of taxes, access to credit and protection...

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Benefits and Drawbacks of Acquisitions

In an acquisition, a company buys more than 50% of or all of another company’s ownership to gain control over it. As part of the deal, the acquiring company buys the other company’s stock and assets.


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Benefits and Drawbacks of Mergers

In simple terms, a merger happens when two existing companies voluntarily come together to form a single company. Usually the firms that decide to merge are of equal size. One of the main reasons why companies opt for a merger is to gain/increase market share...

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During a recent business trip to Washington DC, when the east coast got hit with a winter storm, I was in the middle of it. The first snow of the year in the area, it dumped about 2 inches during peak commute hours. The road was not plowed in time to accommodate the high volum...

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When retirement planning becomes a family affair, it’s difficult to sort out how a win-win situation could exist—with all the baggage, emotion and control issues familiar to every family. It’s not always easy or even clear-cut, but business owners can create ...

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Steps to sell your business

Selling a small business is as important as starting a business. If not performed in a systematic manner then it may not give proper returns for your life time work. Selling a small business is a complex venture that involves several considerations. It can require that you enl...

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