4 Types of Customers

4 Types of Customers

For any business, there are basically four types of customers:

  1. The Cheap Customers → These type of clients buy products based on price. They do not care about anything but the price. While checking out a product, the first thing that ask is “How much does it cost?”. They are demanding and they do not appreciate the value of what the firm offers.

  1. The Difficult Customers → They’re not necessarily cheap, but are difficult to handle. They’re not pleasant. However, most entrepreneurs structure their way in order to attract these customers.

  2. Sophisticated Customers → Such clients have money, they are educated and they know what are they buying but they are very sophisticated. These types of customers when they go into business, they clearly know what they want. They do their research and talk to people. While dealing with these customers, sometimes we need to educated them and they like that. Sometimes when selling to these types of customers, they need time. The questions asked by different types of customers are different. They usually ask very logical questions. They take time in making a decision but when they make any decision, they stick to that decision.

  3. Affluent customers  → These type of customers buy based on feelings. These type of customers don’t know much about the features of the product. They just find that product good based upon their feeling. The mistake which a seller makes while selling to these types of customers is offering them a deal. They don’t want a deal. They think that if a deal is given then the product is cheap or there is some problem with the product. They won’t have good feelings about the product and thus they won’t buy it.