Content Marketing

Content Marketing

Content Marketing is the creation of relevant content that will be highly engaging to customers. Content partnerships are the development of such content in collaboration with a partner brand
that is then shared or promoted to respective target audiences.”
There are two main ways a brand can partake in content partnerships:

1. Co-creation – both brands collaborate to create the content. This could be industry trends, market research, product releases or thought-leadership papers. By writing the
content together and referencing one another’s products it will align both brands for mutual recognition. buy a business in ahmedabad buy a business in pune sell my business in mumbai sell my business in delhi sell my business in gujarat sell my business in kolkata sell my business in bangalore sell my business in ahmedabad sell my business in pune businesses to buy in mumbai businesses to buy in delhi businesses to buy in gujarat businesses to buy in kolkata businesses to buy in bangalore businesses to buy in ahmedabad businesses to buy in pune businesses for sale in mumbai businesses for sale in kolkata

2. Link sharing – the primary brand creates the content but works in partnership with a secondary to promote it. Link sharing means linking to the partner’s content from their own site. This provides exposure, aligns both brands together, and advances Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Content partnerships can take various formats, such as:
 white papers – presenting the latest industry research, advice, knowledge and trends using thought-leadership.
 articles – featuring the latest joint products, opinions or promotions. These can take the form of reviews, how-to guides or case-studies.
 infographics – a visual representation of information or data. Extremely effective for the use of joint brand imagery amongst the content.
 videos & podcasts – the joint creation of a video or spoken media. Utilizing the likes of YouTube to engage with the target audience.

SEO is now such an important aspect of digital marketing that specialist agencies have arisen, dedicated jobs created, and millions spent. Success in search rankings can literally make or break
a business, making it the 21st century’s most talked about marketing topic.
The evolution of websites has now reached the point where each page should ultimately evoke an action to convert viewers into paying customers. This means the greater numbers to a site the
better chance of conversions and therefore revenues. This is the reason millions are spent climbing the ladder of Google’s rankings.
Organic traffic via search engine optimization is governed by a complex well-guarded algorithm made up of a huge number of variables, such as keyword usage, trusted inbound links and subject relevance. This means that your ‘content is king’ – how it is constructed, who likes it and how it is shared has direct influence on traffic, therefore conversions and ultimately sales. SEO is not the only means to achieving traffic; social media has a huge part to play too.
Channels such as Facebook and Twitter can guide vast quantities of traffic to your site depending on what you have to say and your shared content.

To ensure traffic remains high from both SEO and social the information that consumers receive  must be fresh, relevant, and engaging. It also must answer their questions, fulfil their needs and
attract their attention. So, this is where content partnership marketing comes in. The fact is, one brand can create appealing content, but by providing fresh material in conjunction with a partner suddenly makes it an entirely new proposition, one that is far more interesting, likeable and engaging. This will attract the attention of both customer bases and affiliated parties. All this means a much larger network that will interact and share it. From an
SEO and social engagement perspective the benefits are vast. Let’s consider, too, the cost effectiveness of such a partnership; utilizing each other’s personnel, resources and industry knowledge to produce the content is of huge value to both.

While the utilization of one another’s digital channels and expertise will mean a lower end cost per acquired customer per content piece produced.

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