How to Sell Anything?

How to Sell Anything?

“Sales” is considered to be one of the most dangerous profession. To sell a business  is more of a job filled with facing rejection rather than actually selling something. Basically you have to pass 9 No’s to get one Yes. 80:20 philosophy works in sales. 20% people who come in sales have understood very well that if you follow proper system and consider expert advice wisely, you can earn more than other major professions. Now the important question is how to sell a product? We at Kapso Business Services, India’s Leading Business Brokers help business owners achieve their organizational goals.

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Selling a product is a 3 step process. The steps are:


·      Consider yourself a “Consultant” not a seller:  As a seller, when you go to sell a business you have a mindset just to speak about your product to the prospective customer. You don’t analyze anything before speaking.This tends to kill the sale. Whereas, when you go as a consultant, you follow a 3 step process to approach the customer i.e.-Examination, diagnosis and treatment.  To sell a business using this process increases the probability of the sale . When a consultant approaches the customer, he first examines whether the customer needs that business or not, his personal life, whether he would be able to dedicate time for it or not, what are his dreams, what are his goals, what are his targets etc. In this way he is able to relate himself to the customer which helps him diagnose the customer in order to provide him with the best service. Lastly, depending upon the diagnose, he treats each customer differently.


·      Focus on Relationship not sale:  The main focus should always be on building good relationship with the customer, not maximizing the number of customers you have to sell a business to . If you focus only on sales, you will lose both: Relationship and sales. If you have good relationship with your customers, sales will come automatically. For building the relationship you need to understand him first. This could be done by a small talk before every sales pitch. The small talk can be about his family, personal issues, business, aspirations etc. to name a few. We should try to be a good listener. Listening builds trust. Customer should feel safe with you and he should feel that you can change his life. You should also start with asking a lot of questions. Understand what he wants, how he wants it and when does he wants it. This is only possible when you build relationship with your customer.


·      Pause before reply: This is very effective technique to close the sale. You should take a pause of around 10-20 seconds before replying. This gives customer the perception that you are listening to what he is speaking. There is a popular proverb: “Selling takes place in words but buying takes place in silence”.  The usual trend is that when we approach a customer and the customer tries to explain something, we just wait for him to stop speaking so that we can pitch him with whatever we have prepared for. When we approach with this thinking, we don’t understand what he is trying to say. Customer issues and needs would be different than what we are pitching for.


Following the above 3 steps will surely improve your efficiency to sell anything and will help you build a better relationship with your customers.