Ideal way to find an Acquisition Opportunity

Are you looking to acquire a running business or invest in a business? Have you been approaching business brokers, M&A advisory firms etc., and describing what type of business you're interested in buyingsell business

That's generally a waste of time because you are identified as: buy business

1. Naive:  A broker who has 500 businesses on his books is not going to remember the details of all of them and be able to immediately tell you whether he has one matching your mandate or not! sell business india

And, no, most of them won't go seeking through the list to get you a match! You should be providing them with their reference number for the business you're interested business india

​It's the same with the higher end transaction advisory firms. They may have a smaller number of clients, high-value ones, ​but the person you contact will not know all the clients on the books. sell my company

How it works at those firms is that the clients are divided among the directors/partners. Each manager may be accountable for only 2-3 clients and he'll know only those clients' businesses closely. buy a company

2. Lethargic: Nobody wants to deal with sluggish people. If you haven't gone through the businesses for sale that they've got listed on their website ​or provided a very specific requirement with appropriate industry specifications it proves that you are lazy! Companies for sale

No, they don't get excited that you're a "buyer"​! In their experience, the chances ​of blind approaches like yours ending in a deal are next to zero. ​

That's why they'll either not bother replying to you or they'll send you a boilerplate reply saying they don't have anything that matches your requirements (even if they do have a perfect match!). buy business in india

If they haven't responded to your emails, you know the reasons. sell business in india

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Are you looking for a deal with no money? ​businesses for sale in india

Any professionals across the globe doesn't want to deal with this kind of buyer. buy existing business in india

They are the worst kind of buyer. He has no money and dealing with him is almost guaranteed to end in disaster. He'll delay, go searching around trying to raise finance on the assets of the business etc. The chances of closing a deal  with someone like him is close to zero. sell existing business in india

Unfortunately, majority of buyers in the market are people like this. They pretend to be "buyers" but they have no money to buy. buy business

No good intermediary wants to deal with an investor who has no money to invest. You'd be surprised at how good some of these intermediaries have become at picking out who is actually an unfunded buyer!  buy a business in mumbai

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The ideal way to find acquisition opportunities Companies for sale

  • Be prepared. Know exactly what you want - sector, size etc. ​But also what percentage of a deal you can finance in cash, what type of multiples you're willing to pay etc. businesses to buy in mumbai

  • If you don't have a clear picture of your requirement - go get advice and form a clear picture of your vision. sell business

  • Hire a professional to assist. If you are serious about making an acquisition then a qualified professional will save you a ton of time, but more importantly, he can find deals that you wouldn't be able to discover.  buy business

  • Get proof of liquidity! Also, be willing to show just how much cash you actually have to invest. Don't tell intermediaries that "the budget is not an issue", "will be available for the right deal", "access to funds" or that you know a lot of high net worth individuals. The intermediaries are dealing with buyers regularly and can easily differentiate between a serious and a chancer. They aren't impressed with all those claims. Brokers don't want to deal with that type of buyers! buy business india