Inbound and Outbound Marketing

Inbound and Outbound Marketing


When it comes to marketing, or persuading your customer to buy your product, there are two ways to do so –

Outbound Marketing – or we can say that interruption marketing, because it involves getting your product to the largest number of people possible through advertising, direct mails, cold calling and other aggressive techniques that interrupts the daily lives of the
people. A simple example of outbound marketing is the in-between ads that we see while watching a video on YouTube. Most of us don’t like Outbound ads, but it’s a big challenge for the companies to make a remark of your product within just few seconds. They make sure that their ad gets the TOMA among the people, otherwise there is no point in spending
money on outbound marketing. Now a days outbound marketing technique are getting less and less effective over time for
two reasons.

First, no one likes to get interrupted from such forceful ads. People wait for 5 seconds to get over, so that they can skip annoying ads. Moreover, to create TOMA, outbound ads frequency needs to be extremely high as compared to Inbound Marketing, so
even if you like the ad for the first time, you don’t want to see the same ad for 100 times a day.

Secondly, cost of implementing the outbound ads is huge. For instance- one single TV commercial can cost crores to a company and even after that company is not sure whether it has made its impact or not.

Inbound Marketing – it’s a technique of promoting your website and business through blogs, social media, search engine optimization, eBooks and more. It’s basically a way where your customer is attracted towards your product rather than you forcefully trying to get
their attention. The useful content pulls visitors toward your website, brings them closer to your brand, engages them and converts them into customers as well as loyal followers.

For Instance – In Kapso, we update our potential clients with business news, motivates them to come to our website and if they like our business offerings, they approach us for the services.

Benefits of Inbound Marketing
➢ Since, its not a forceful technique, so customers appreciate it because they get the information they want, when they want it and in the format that is most useful for them.
➢ With inbound marketing, companies can nurture leads throughout the entire lifecycle: from the initial visit to closing the sale. As companies learn more about their leads over time, they can create better messages that are personalized to customers' needs, making each interaction focus on the needs and desires of the individual.
➢ Inbound marketing is multi-channel by nature. It allows for a more natural and integrated approach to reach people through channels they prefer and at their convenience. With a good strategy, your marketing efforts will have a compounding effect across all channels.

➢ Inbound marketing is less expensive and anyone with the right skills can do it. You create your website and blog with content that is targeted to your primary market and with a good content marketing strategy, you can attract prospects to you.

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