Recommended books for M&A Professionals

The literature on mergers and acquisitions has seen to be growing fast and rich. It all started as a collection of rather dreary tomes on M&A and antitrust in the 1920s and 1930s and has grown into something far more varied and different. The release of James C. Freund’s “Anatomy of a Merger” in 1975 marked a turning point in which popular books began to be published, which were based on practitioner experience rather than just statistical evidence. sell business
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In the 20 years which followed, hostile takeovers became the norm, leading to a whole new slot of books. The 1980s also brought the age of conglomerates and LBOs, a combination of which spawned “Barbarians at the Gate” by Bryan Burrough and John Helyar in 1989. And the number of global transactions on a seemingly constant upward trajectory, we can reasonably expect more in the near future.  sell business india
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For now, here are 5 of the best books on M&A out there. Each one contributes something different of value to the conversation. And all are time well spent.  sell my company
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1. Anatomy of a Merger: Strategies and Techniques for Negotiating Corporate Acquisitions by James C. Freund 
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Anatomy of a Merger: Strategies and Techniques for Negotiating Corporate Acquisitions is a unique guide to have a successful corporate acquisition negotiation. Some of its advice is directed towards effectuating workable adjustments that satisfy the interests of all parties; some directs at getting a leg up on your adversaries. One of the prime book's principal points is how these similar-looking, seemingly antithetical goals can and should be attained. buy business in india
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At the outset, Mr. Freund explores the fencing for a position that goes on during preliminary negotiations, when many of the basic issues important to the deal are resolved. Later chapters analyze the basic acquisition agreement; bargaining techniques applicable to substantive matters such as purchase price, representations and warranties, and indemnification; and employment contracts. The author also examines the period between signing and closing, which indeed is a time when things can and do slip out of hands. It suggests tactics to use as well as to guard against. It contains analysis so shrewd, so insightful, so skillfully written, that once you begin reading it, you'll find yourself reluctant to put it down. businesses to buy in india
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2. Mergers and Acquisitions from A to Z: Strategic and Practical Guidance for Small- and Middle-market Buyers and Sellers by Andrew Sherman
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Mergers and Acquisitions from A to Z is a hands-on, single-stop resource. Sherman takes you through the M&A maze step by step, emphasizing to the potential hurdles and pitfalls along the way. With a calibrated approach to dealing with each side's needs and objectives, he shows prospective buyers how to avoid nightmare acquisitions and tells prospective sellers how to maximize their company's value before a sale. Whichever side you find yourself on, you're sure to benefit from the insights offered by the author. In the topics: the mechanics of the deal, from start to finish; 25 common reasons of deals falling apart - and ways to avoid them; surefire search ways for finding appropriate acquisition candidates; lessons in exercising proper due diligence; key strategic and legal issues to take care of in structuring the deal; highlights of major tax, accounting, and regulatory issues; guidelines for conducting effective bidding negotiations; blueprints for creating definitive legal documents; strategies for a smooth and successful integration of the acquired company; and strategic choices to mergers and acquisitions as a growth strategy.
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3. Creating Value from Mergers and Acquisitions: The Challenges, book by Sudi Sudarsanam
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One of the most puzzling aspects of the merger phenomenon is the widespread perception that mergers and acquisitions do not create value for the stakeholders and in fact, destroy value. If so, given the stupendous scale of the investment that mergers represent and the losses to stakeholders, including possible welfare losses to the community as a whole, we need a serious investigation of the reasons for such failure.
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Similar to the previous text on this list, Creating Value from Mergers and Acquisitions is descriptive in parts, but remains mainly prescriptive. The authors cover every part of the M&A process, from search right through to the integration process. With over 600 pages of well-divided sections and comprehensively covered topics, this book provides an excellent reference manual for anybody considering undertaking a transaction.  
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4. The Art of M&A, Fifth Edition: A Merger, Acquisition, and Buyout Guide by Alexandra Lajoux
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Since the last edition of this authoritative resource was published, the M&A world has gone from boom to bust and back again—and this new edition will update you in the same. With tough lessons learned from the financial crises and regulatory shocks of the past decade, The Art of M&A, Fifth Edition delivers the information and insight you need to make all the right decisions throughout the process. Learn the ins and outs of: 
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Starting with—basic process, requirements, and objectives• Strategy—deciding what to buy and why• Valuation and Modeling—measuring and projecting value pre- and post-merger• Financing and Refinancing—sourcing capital • Structuring—mitigating financial, tax, and legal risk• Due Diligence—investigating a business’s past, present, and future risks• Documentation and Closing—pulling everything together to ensure a smooth transaction • Integration—merging resources, processes, and responsibilities to increase synergies• Landmark Cases—legal cases that need to be understood and kept in mind
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The Art of M&A is an unavoidable resource for anyone heavily engaged in the process—whether you’re an executive tasked with growing your businesses, an investment banker structuring transactions, an attorney responsible for due diligence, or an accountant who advises buyers and sellers. Take a glance to this resourceful book to develop, steward, and close deals that benefit everyone involved.
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5. Mergers, Acquisitions, And Corporate Restructurings, 4Th Ed by Patrick A Gaughan
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Corporate restructurings continue to be an indispensable tool in building the emerging generation of re-engineered companies with the power and resources to compete on a global basis. However, the issues, methods, motives, and techniques that shape today's world of mergers, acquisitions, divestitures, and reorganizations are often too complex for even the savviest business managers to comprehend. And today, running a business successfully means being able not only to understand but also harness the complexities of corporate restructurings. business brokers