SC Verdict: Internet access granted for essential services

In the current scenario of the world floating in the sea of technology, not having the internet seems to be not an option. The Internet has become an essential commodity to be on the same page as of the entire world. To gain and give information, and stay up-to-date, having internet connections is highly required. sell business
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After the removal of Article 370, Jammu and Kashmir were kept deprived of the internet services to avoid any uncertain or rebellious activity since August 5, 2019. However, there was a plea filled to remove the blockade at a later time. SC recently gave its verdict on the ‘Kashmir Clampdown’ case. SC recognized that according to Article 19 (a) (1) access to the internet is a fundamental right (subject to reasonable restrictions) and the internet cannot be shut down for an indefinite time. Justice Ramana said that SC cannot decide on political matters. buy business
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The government to its defense said that to secure the right to life, it was important to take this step like the right to communication and liberty is important but not more than right to life. In response to which SC said that there should to balance maintained between liberty and security concern and added that ‘Pendulum cannot swing in any extreme directions’. However, the Right to life is secured in the best possible way. sell business india
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SC further points out that the internet should be shut down in exceptional cases only and asked the government to explain the same. The state had published section 144 CrPC (Code of Criminal Procedure) which also imposed some restriction in press freedom which was debated at some point. However, it wasn’t clear in its order about certain things and time frame as to how long the internet shut down will be for. SC ordered the state to review all restrictions within 7 days. buy business india
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Internet and communication shutdown has caused numerous issues to the citizens of the union territory. Many medical facilities, educational facilities, etc. were disturbed in one way or another. As information has become essential, the Right to Information Act was enacted to enable more clarity in the information. With the increasing mobility of technology, artificial intelligence, and modern algorithmic behavior, people are in need to match steps with the technology. buy a company
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Further, the government of India has been continuously preaching about going digital and have initiated a campaign of Digital India, keeping one of the parts of the country deprived of the facility isn’t what citizen will agree with considering that the access to the internet is a fundamental right, and the internet is a means of getting information.   buy business in india
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However, SC isn’t in favour of its misuse or completely against government concerns. It doesn’t want to upset the government by questioning their rights. Thus, SC has only allowed the internet to be restored for essential services. This will support what SC previously preached about keeping a balance between liberty and security.
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As this brings relief to the citizen of Jammu and Kashmir, it is yet to be seen as what is included in the essential services. Further, somewhere by the judgment, SC assured that human rights and equality will be considered on any and every matter. The progress in the case has given citizens enough hope and trust in the judiciary of the country and patience to wait for their judgments.  buy a business in bangalore