The Spontaneous yet unstable rise of e-wallets in India

The Spontaneous yet unstable rise of e-wallets in India

As the holiday season is around the corner, shopping for gifts for our mothers, bosses and Chrildren among others, is in full swing. The e-commerce revolution has brought a wide range of products to our fingertips (literally!). Moreover, demonetization has increased the workload of
our fingertips by making us click to pay. Cash-back offers and reward points are added incentives to use plastic money and e-wallets. Yet, quite a few of us still struggle with giving the right amount of change in day-to-day situations. This article is an attempt to explore some of the
elements that cause friction on the path of progression for e-wallets, and possible solutions to address these issues.

Many people do not know how to use PayTM, MobiKwik, and other e-wallets, and hence do not use them. Conducting workshops and setting up telephonic assistance for set-up/installation and routine use can increase their usage. Increasing the number of languages in which the services are available can also make consumers feel more comfortable. sell my business in ahmedabad sell my business in pune businesses to buy in mumbai businesses to buy in delhi businesses to buy in gujarat businesses to buy in kolkata businesses to buy in bangalore businesses to buy in ahmedabad businesses to buy in pune businesses for sale in mumbai businesses for sale in kolkata businesses for sale in bangalore businesses for sale in delhi gurgaon businesses for sale in pune business brokers business brokers in india

Even those who do know to use e-wallets are apprehensive since security breaches aren’t a rarity. Fraudsters are always prowling, and people see avoiding the situation altogether as a way to mitigate the risk. A well-known media companies recently reported that “Paytm has made
headlines for showing its weakest side of security compliance”. Are we willing to take a chance with our hard-earned money?

A taboo on the unknown is not a recent phenomenon. People are apprehensive about trying something new, especially when it involves putting their money in a virtual location.

Inadequate regulation can make the buyer beware even more. Integrating technical aspects and creating laws to protect the interests of different types of customers can make the industry more reliable.

If customers are to understand and accept that technical glitches are always a possibility, A mechanism to ensure that their genuine concerns are addressed quickly and satisfactorily must also be in place. Unresponsive staff and irresponsible answers are bound to ward off users.

The e-wallet industry is still half-baked. Promotions and advertisements alone will not encourage usage. The shortcomings must be addressed by the government as well as companies, if they wish to see a truly cashless economy.

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