How ready is your business to sell / raise funds?
Planning to transition your business to a new generation of leaders?

Our team of consultants have built a step-by-step process to remove you personally from your business and make the business seller-ready or investor-ready over time.

Whether you want to sell for a premium – or just know that you could – our Business Improvement team will ensure you’ve got all the options for the business.

Our seller readiness / investor readiness engagement process cover several areas that include but not limited to the below:

The Business Improvement Score

  • Assessment of the business through the eyes of the buyer. The assessment would be based on the core drivers of value for the business, which are statistically proven to increase the value of the company.

The Scalability Finder

  • This exercise will help you identify your products and services that have the potential to scale up the fastest and identification of products/services that can help you grow the company with minimal dependency on the promoter .

The Customer Score

  • Benchmarking customer satisfaction of our business against the most successful and fastest growing companies globally. Based on surveys and inputs from customers we would have a good predictive indicator of a company’s growth rate .

Your Growth Quad

  • Review of the product and service mix to maximize growth potential. Laying down a roadmap of products / services that can help us grow the company with minimal risk .

Automatic Customer Builder

  • Improving the number and quality of recurring revenue streams flowing into the business. Identification of opportunities of annuity revenue for the business Recurring revenue increases the value of your business, smooths out demand so as to allow you to plan your business more efficiently, and improves both cash flow and profitability.

Monopoly Control

  • Review the company’s positioning in the market to understand which marketing message would differentiate us from our competitors. Isolate the attributes and qualities of the business that gives us a defendable market position.

The Hub & Spoke

  • The most valuable companies can operate without their owner’s everyday involvement, and this exercise will help us identify areas of training, processes and systems to minimize dependency on the promoter .

The Switzerland Structure

  • Our focus will be on reduction of over-reliance on key employees & customers. On competition of this activity we will have an action plan of reducing over-reliance on key employees and / or customers. This will eventually lead to decrease in risk of the business and increasing company’s value.

Valuation Teeter Totter

  • Maximizing the cash flow coming from the day-to-day operations of our business. There will be a set of actions that will increase your cash flow, minimize or eliminate stressful periods of low cash flow, and increase overall value of the company.

Your Short List Builder

  • We will develop and fine tune a short list of potential acquirers for your business. Developing this list will also allows you to look at business decisions in terms of how they will add or detract from your attractiveness in a strategic acquirer’s eyes.

Why choose Kapso?

  • Our Experience- Our team of experts has advised companies with improving their value score by 18% in a period of 8 months
  • Our Expert Advice & Recommendations - We shall not only assist you with the Business improvement process but also advice you with the transaction advisory process
  • Our Highly Affordable Pricing - Our inhouse team of experts and advisors will help you in business improvement process at a very competitive pricing in the market

To understand what procedure we follow in formulating a business plan and how it may be beneficial for your company in specific, contact us at +91 80 80 171 171 or write to us at

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