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Acquire a Milk processing plant in Jammu(NPA) Establishment : 2014


Investment Range:Rs 3.5 Crore

Reason for Sale:Lack of Working Capital

Industry:Food , FMCG , Agriculture

State:Jammu and Kashmir

Year of Establishment: 2014

Revenue (Latest Year): -

EBITDA (Latest Year): -

Net Profit (Latest Year): -

Total employees:10-20

Business Model: B2B

Nature Organisation: Sole Proprietorship

Sub Industry:Dairy , Products


Type of Investment:Sell Business

Company Type:Owned

License AvailableYes

License Name

Total Customer: 1000+

Listing ID:KS460

Business Description

Milk processing and packaging plant. We produce products like flavoured milk , curd, packaged milk, butter, ghee, paneer etc. our main selling products are flavoured bottled milk, curd, packaged milk, paneer. factory is in brand new condition. Machines and brand new hardly used. factory includes offices, worker quarters , mess, security quarters . our main area of distribution was jammu and kashmir state ,himachal pradesh, punjab.

Additional Information:


flavoured milk of 5 flavours. curd packaged 200 gm 500 gm 1 kg 10 kg. paneer open and packaged 400gm and 1 kg.
ghee 1 kg and 200 gm.
packaged milk packets. 500
table butter
lassi 300 gm glasses 4 flavours

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