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Approximately : -

Acquisition Opportunity of a Garment Manufacturing Firm in Mumbai, Maharashtra Establishment : 1996


Investment Range:Rs 5 Crore

Reason for Sale:Retirement

Industry:Garment , Textile


Year of Establishment: 1996

Revenue (Latest Year): -

EBITDA (Latest Year): -

Net Profit (Latest Year): -

Total employees:10-20

Business Model: B2B

Nature Organisation: Private Limited Company

Sub Industry:Readymade Garments


Type of Investment:Sell Business

Company Type:Owned

License AvailableNo

License Name

Total Customer: 10

Listing ID:KS1408

Business Description

Our client is a 24-year-old Garment Manufacturer, who has worked with some of the biggest brands in the Indian Market, manufacturing shorts and t-shirts as per their requirement. They also have their own brand of shorts which sells in a few major retailers and eCommerce sites. Quality and Good Job Work is what has helped our client sustain in this competitive industry. Over a period of years, our client has worked with over 20 top retailers and has grown this business to a well-known entity in the market today. 

  • The process followed: Our client sources the raw material that is the Fabric and material based on an order requirement. They then have a dedicated resource team of Jobworkers to whom the fabric is provided in order to get the desired pattern and design. The finished product is then sourced back to our Client’s premises where quality testing, barcoding, packaging, and other value addition takes place. The final product is then transported across to the end customer/client. 


 The in-house brand also follows a similar process albeit here the design and patterns are provided directly by our Client and not the customers. The margins on these products are higher as compared to contract manufacturing for other customers.



Skilled and Experienced Team

Quality Product and Brand Value 

Goodwill in the market since 20+ Years

Already worked with most of the top brands in India

Expansion Opportunities:

Our client has built this firm over the past 20+ years and has maintained that quality of Goodwill recognition and Product. Due to certain commitments, it wasn't possible for the client to completely grow this business just with the current clients itself. There is a huge scope for growth and with the connections in the industry, sizing top retailers isn't a challenge. Moreover, our client's brand itself can be further grown and established across various segments in the market. Creating this from scratch would take years to establish.

Additional Information:







    1.9 Cr

    2.3 Cr

    5.9 Cr 


  22 Lakhs

  28 Lakhs

  1.1 Cr

Adj. Net Profit

  19 Lakhs 

  32 Lakhs

1 Cr


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