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Acquisition Opportunity of a Precision Gauge Manufacturing Business Establishment : 1997


Investment Range:Rs 1.4 Crore

Reason for Sale:Retirement



Year of Establishment: 1997

Revenue (Latest Year): Rs. 1.83 crore

EBITDA (Latest Year): Rs. 43.4 Lakhs

Net Profit (Latest Year): Rs. 21.7 Lakhs

Total employees:20-50

Business Model: B2B

Nature Organisation: Sole Proprietorship

Sub Industry:Capital Goods , Machines


Type of Investment:Sell Business

Company Type:Owned

License AvailableYes

License NameISO 9001:2000

Total Customer: 25

Listing ID:KS1050

Business Description

Our client is a 20+-year-old Precision Gauge Manufacturing Company, catering to clients from various industries and geographies. The promoters have over 30 years of experience in the gauge manufacturing industry and have successfully established this firm which is highly profitable.


Established in 1997, our clients are an ISO 9001:2000 certified company and work towards providing gauges that are perfect as per the ISO standards. They cater to both the domestic as well as international market with export to countries like the USA, UK, France, Italy, South Africa, and Indonesia. They offer complete gauging solutions for measuring dimensional lengths. They have a manufacturing facility that can also produce an impeccable range of handheld gauging equipment such as limit gauges, air gauges, electronic gauges, and multi gauging. They also offer their clients with a customized range of gauging for specific requirements. 



1) Skilled and Experienced Team

2) Quality Product compared to other competitors

3) Esteemed clientele with repeat orders

4) New product line which will revolutionize the industry 

Expansion Opportunities:

 An auto-pilot business, esteemed clientele, skilled staff and goodwill in the market makes this business an easy acquisition. Anybody who acquires would be able to understand daily operations during the handholding provided. Furthermore, with the new product line that is being developed and launched an array of opportunities will arise not only in the topline but also in attracting and creating a monopoly in the market.  With an established export channel and good domestic network, growth is only a matter of maximising utilisation and exploiting these strong foundations that have been laid over the years.

Additional Information:

Precision gauges and threading - 

  1. Precision engineering is a subdiscipline of electrical engineering, software engineering, electronics engineering, mechanical engineering, and optical engineering concerned with designing machines, fixtures, and other structures that have exceptionally high tolerances, are repeatable and are stable over time.

  2. A gauge or gage, in science and engineering, is a device used to make measurements or in order to display certain dimensional information. A wide variety of tools exist which serve such functions, ranging from simple pieces of material against which sizes can be measured to complex pieces of machinery. 

  3. A thread gauge, also known as a screw gauge or pitch gauge is used to measure the pitch or lead of a screw thread. Thread pitch gauges are used as a reference tool in determining the pitch of a thread that is on a screw or in a tapped hole. This tool is not used as a precision measuring instrument, rather it allows the user to determine the profile of the given thread and quickly categorize the thread by shape and pitch. This device also saves time, in that it removes the need for the user to measure and calculate the thread pitch of the threaded item.

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