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Approximately : -

Acquisition Opportunity of a well established Pharmaceutical Company Establishment : 1982


Investment Range:Rs 2.5 Crore

Reason for Sale:Retirement

Industry:Pharmaceuticals , Labs


Year of Establishment: 1982

Revenue (Latest Year): -

EBITDA (Latest Year): -

Net Profit (Latest Year): -

Total employees:0-10

Business Model: B2B

Nature Organisation: Partnership Firm

Sub Industry:Pharmaceuticals


Type of Investment:Sell Business

Company Type:Owned

License AvailableYes

License NameFSSAI and CGMP

Total Customer: 10

Listing ID:KS1431

Business Description

We are the manufacturer of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API) in India. We have vast experience of over 37 years in the development and manufacturing of Healthcare, Nutritional, and Pharma Products. We manufacture mainly all Citrate and Speciality Products. We are facilitated with sophisticated technical facilities and advanced processing units. The processing site has a production capacity of 1000 TPA and the factory has been approved by large MNCs (viz. Cadbury India Ltd., Merck Ltd., Johnson & Johnson Ltd). The dexterous team of experts formulates the range of chemical products using sophisticated facilities. The range is further tested by quality auditors, starting from the raw material to the final stage. We have garnered a widespread clientele and regularly export to the Indian SubcontinentAs a premier organization, we ensure that the chemical waste of their company is disposed of in an appropriate and approved manner. We are currently working at a premise which is 1500 sq ft and the producing at 60% capacity. 


The products, comply with the highest Pharmacopoeial Standards which are internationally accepted. We are also an approved vendor for a number of national as well as multi-national Pharmaceutical Companies. We are registered with the FDA Maharashtra and FSSAI and it is a CGMP certified company. 

Expansion Opportunities:

We are a manufacturer of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) of all citrate products such as sodium citrate IP, calcium citrate USP, calcium citrate malate, magnesium citrate, ammonium citrate, etc. Our company is also an approved vendor for a number of national as well as multi-national Pharmaceutical Companies. Our company is registered with the FDA Maharashtra and FSSAI and it is a CGMP certified company.

All our products have a gross profit margin ranging from 30% to 100% (over RMC - Raw material costs). Our products have a huge market potential and an exciting 5-year outlook as mentioned below

  1. Sodium Citrate – Sodium citrate is used majorly in the manufacturing of cold drinks, cheese, oral rehydration salts (ORS), and cough syrups. Its growth potential (forward outlook for 5 years for annual market requirement) is expected to be around 10,000 MT per annum in India itself. There are around 5 major manufacturers of sodium citrate in India which have an approximate combined capacity of 5,000 MT currently. This provides a huge expansion possibility with the right investments made.
  2. Other Citrates – Combined expected market potential (5-year annual outlook) for other citrates we manufacture such as calcium citrate USP, calcium citrate malate, magnesium citrate, and zinc citrate is around 700 MT per annum in India. These citrates are highly profitable products with an average gross profit of 100% (over RMC). These products are Nutraceuticals that are used in the manufacturing of nutrition supplements. Apart from the national market, these products also have a huge potential in international markets such as the USA, Turkey, etc. providing an opportunity to become a major export player.
  3. Specialty chemicals – Our other products are specialty chemicals such as
    1. Di-ammonium citrate – Used in agrochemical formulations having a huge export potential
    2. Tri-ammonium citrate – Used in the manufacturing of probiotics and laboratory testing reagents. They are also used in the electronics industry
    3. Sodium sesqui citrate – Used in manufacturing of baby powders which has huge market potential in India and internationally as well
  4. HPLC water and LC/MS Water – Used in laboratory testing also have a good forward outlook

The founders are highly educated and believe in product innovation and have innovated various products and API formulations over the last 37 years.

Additional Information:


1. Sodium Citrate I.P. / B.P./Food Grade
2. Disodium Hydrogen Citrate B.P
3. Calcium Citrate U.S.P. / Food Grade
4. Sodium Citrate (Anhydrous) U.S.P.
5. Potassium Chloride I.P
6. Ammonium Chloride I.P
7. Magnesium Sulphate I.P
8. Di/Tri Ammonium Citrate.
9. Magnesium Citrate U.S.P./FCC
10. Calcium Citrate Malate
11. Citric Acid (Mono/Anhydrous) I.P.
12. Sodium Acid Phosphate I.P.
13. Sodium Phosphate I.P.

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