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Opportunity to Acquire an Established Apparel and Accessories Brand Establishment : 2008


Investment Range:Rs 1.5 Crore

Reason for Sale:Diversification of the business



Year of Establishment: 2008

Revenue (Latest Year): Rs. 105.09 Lakhs

EBITDA (Latest Year): Rs. -39.90

Net Profit (Latest Year):

Total employees:0-10

Business Model: B2B,B2C

Nature Organisation: Sole Proprietorship

Sub Industry:E -Commerce


Type of Investment:Sell Business

Company Type:Owned

License AvailableNo

License Name

Total Customer: 15000

Listing ID:KS774

Business Description

We are a 10-year-old e-commerce apparel and accessories brand. The business concern manufactures and designs the products made of both organic and non-organic clothing material.

The brand is a powerhouse of varied fun entertaining apparel options targeting the age group of 13-35. The designs have penetrated their way through Bollywood celebrities and Influencers of Social Media.

The Business has established long term relationships for producing merchandise to one of the established coffee shops in India. The brand is known for its unique take on fast fashion with its constant development in introducing new groundbreaking styles.  


  • Established Brand with a History of 10 years

  • Unique Products and Designs

  • In house Manufacturing Facility

Expansion Opportunities:

1) Product Extensions:

The brand could explore other verticals such as Home Decor (Upholstery, Cushion Covers, Glasses, Dining Sets).  Within the apparel space, there are many extension opportunities into areas such as socks, bags and accessories amongst others.

2) Distribution Extensions:

Having around  10 years of Brand visibility with significant reach into the audience, there are opportunities to open Brand Specific Stores, tie up potential with MBO chains, and also possibilities to extend further into various other Marketplaces.

3) Geographical Extension:

The brand has performed well in the metros, a further attempt to expand the geographical reach to aggressively target other tier1 locations.

Additional Information:

List of Products

  • Graphic Tees | Bottomwear |  Shorts | Pajamas | Scarves | Bags | Notebooks | Eye Masks | Aprons

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