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Kapso Valued
Business Acquisition Opportunity of a High-Tech Lending Software Solution Company

Karnataka,Punjab,Telangana, Bengaluru,Patiala

Founded in the year 1996. Our client has successfully been in business for more than 18 years providing High quality & cost-effective business solutions. They have built and developed software products addressing domains such as Banking, Manufacturing, Trading, Retail & Financial Accounting. They have been a pioneer and expert in building ERP software solutions for industries such as No...

Revenue :

Industry : Information Technology

Sub Industry : IT- ERP , CRM

EBITDA Margin :

Investment Range : 0000000

Listing ID : KS1374

Kapso Valued
Business Acquisition Opportunity of an well established IT and NO-IT staffing company

Karnataka, Bengaluru

Established in the year 2010, we an entire spectrum of manpower outsourcing, talent acquisition, and employer branding services for both IT as well as Non-IT clients. We have a successful track record of 9+ years as pioneers of Recruitment Processing Outsourcing by believing in taking ownership of their customer’s objective, consistently executing the strategies, and valuing their relatio...

Revenue : 10.68 crore

Industry : Staffing

Sub Industry : IT Staffing, Facility Management, Manpower Supply

EBITDA Margin : 88

Investment Range : 5 Crore

Listing ID : KS1369

Kapso Valued
Technology Company for Water Management seeking investment

Maharashtra, Pune

Our client is committed towards developing sustainable ways of management of water resources. They work with local authorities, government and semi government organisations to design and develop smarter and efficient solutions to conserve water resources, aid efficient and pragmatic policymaking and offer high degree of customer service. India is home to 17% of the world’s population...

Revenue : 2.87 crore

Industry : Environment

Sub Industry : Environment Consultancy

EBITDA Margin : 0.59 crore

Investment Range : 3 Crore

Listing ID : KS1370

Kapso Valued
Business Acquisition Opportunity of a well established HVAC company

Karnataka, Bengaluru

Established in the year 1994, our client provides an entire spectrum of HVAC solutions which comprises of Design, Marketing/sales, Supply, execution, and after-sales services for various retail and commercial applications and has done significantly well. They proudly claim of  having highest installation base of air conditioning in Karnataka region comprising of various customer se...

Revenue : 8.66 crore

Industry : Electrical , Electronics

Sub Industry : Electrical , Electronics

EBITDA Margin : 98.58 Lakhs

Investment Range : 2 Crore

Listing ID : KS1372

Kapso Valued
Business Process Automation Investment Opportunity

Maharashtra, Mumbai

Investment opportunity in process analytics and next-generation Business Process Automation company. We are a 3-year-old company and have worked with 25+ clients across India, Middle East, and Southeast Asia. The business is bootstrapped till date with fundraises being limited to employees, business partners, and friends & family. 

Having built an automa...

Revenue : 70 Lakhs

Industry : Information Technology

Sub Industry : IT- Consulting

EBITDA Margin :

Investment Range : 6 Crore

Listing ID : KS1368

Kapso Valued
Acquisition Opportunity of a Turnkey Cleanrooms and Equipment Business

Maharashtra, Mumbai

Our Client is a Manufacturer and Turnkey solutions provider in the field of Cleanroom Equipment, Cleanroom projects, etc making them a one-stop-shop for airborne contamination control solutions. Professionally headed by management with 30+ years of experience in the relevant industry supported by technicians and engineers well versed with designing, installation, commissioning, validation,...

Revenue : 12.7 crore

Industry : Pharmaceuticals , Labs

Sub Industry : Equipments , Machines , Surgical Products

EBITDA Margin : 3.4 crore

Investment Range : 15 Crore

Listing ID : KS1234

Kapso Valued
Acquisition Opportunity of a Pre-School Chain in Chennai

Tamil Nadu, Chennai


  Our client is a 10-year-old EduPreneur, catering to various segments of student welfare namely pre-schools, K-12 after school enrichment programs as well as an integrated English curriculum for schools.


  • Established in 2009, our client has successfully set-up over 35 institutions offering services that...

Revenue : 180 Lakhs

Industry : Education

Sub Industry : Pre-Schools

EBITDA Margin : 26.9 Lakhs

Investment Range : 3.5 Crore

Listing ID : KS1111

Kapso Valued
Acquisition Opportunity of a Precision Gauge Manufacturing Business

Maharashtra, Pune

Our client is a 20+-year-old Precision Gauge Manufacturing Company, catering to clients from various industries and geographies. The promoters have over 30 years of experience in the gauge manufacturing industry and have successfully established this firm which is highly profitable.


Established in 1997, our clients are an ISO 9001:2000 certifi...

Revenue : 1.83 crore

Industry : Manufacturing

Sub Industry : Capital Goods , Machines

EBITDA Margin : 43.4 Lakhs

Investment Range : 1.4 Crore

Listing ID : KS1050

Kapso Valued
Investment Opportunity in a Leading NBFC Registered P2P Fintech

Andhra Pradesh, Hyderabad

Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Lending is about individuals transacting between themselves for small ticket size personal loans, without the need to go through a financial intermediary such as a bank or any other financial institution. The basic structure of a Peer-to-Peer loan is an unsecured personal loan made by a lender to a borrower and facilitated by P2P lending platforms. P2P loans are colla...

Revenue :

Industry : BFSI

Sub Industry : Financial Services

EBITDA Margin :

Investment Range : 8 Crore

Listing ID : KS1034

Kapso Valued
Acquisition Opportunity of an established premium Optics

Tamil Nadu, Chennai

Established in the year 1980, our client is into premium retail optics business wherein they have in-house optometrists who check the vision of patients and based on their lifestyle and Budget a wide selection of frames and lenses are offered to them according to their requirements. 

They deal with good domestic brands as well as popular international bra...

Revenue : 384

Industry : Retail

Sub Industry : Personal Care

EBITDA Margin : 29 Lakhs

Investment Range : 4 Crore

Listing ID : KS1030

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