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Looking for a good running business to invest

Open for any good running business

State : Rajasthan

City : Vijaypur

Listing ID : KB46

Investment Range : 1 Crore - 5 Crore

Industry : Manufacturing, Services

Sub Industry : Capital Goods , Machines, Cement and +15 more

Franchise in Entertainment/Education/F&b Sector

I want to set up a franchise in and around Borivali in the following sectors: Entertainment/ Education/ F&B.

State : Maharashtra

City : Mumbai

Listing ID : KB47

Investment Range : 10 Lakhs - 25 Lakhs

Industry : Entertainment, Food , FMCG and +4 more

Sub Industry : Agriculture , Horticulture, Beverages and +12 more

Franchises in the Hospitality Sector

I am looking for good franchise options in Mumbai in the Hospitality Industry.

State : Maharashtra

City : Mumbai

Listing ID : KB49

Investment Range : 10 Lakhs - 50 Lakhs

Industry : Hotels & Restaurants, Retail

Sub Industry : Budget Hotels, Fast Food Outlets, Personal Care and +1 more

Looking for Medical Trading Business

I am open to anything In Distribution or Trading or Import/Export or Small scale Manufacturing in Mumbai or Ahmedabad Preference:-Anything in Medical Trading

State : Gujarat

City : Amreli

Listing ID : KB51

Investment Range : 10 Lakhs - 50 Lakhs

Industry : Hospitals , Healthcare

Sub Industry : Healthcare Equip , Machines, Healthcare Services

Acquisition Opportunity in the Renewable Energy Sector

I am interested in Business Opportunities in Solar Energy. I am also interested in franchises in F&B sector preferably in the western part of India. I could also look at distribution business related to solar power.

State : Gujarat

City : Amreli

Listing ID : KB52

Investment Range : 50 Lakhs - Any

Industry : Power , Energy

Sub Industry : Distribution , Storage, Electrical and +6 more

Looking to buy Cattle feed, biomass feed

Looking to buy Biomass feed or cattle feed related businness nearby Nagpur 

State : Maharashtra

City : Pune

Listing ID : KB1694

Investment Range : 0 - 5 Crore

Industry : Manufacturing

Sub Industry : Wood Pellets, Biomass pellets

Looking to buy any Pre School

If you are runing a sucessful Pre-school with good Profit, but want to sell it due to relocaiton, retiring from bsuiness or any other genuine erason, please do contact me for selling the business. 


I am seeking for a ready made Pre-school to buy it 



Budget - 15 lakhs 

Location - Chennai.....2nd pref ...

State : Tamil Nadu

City : Chennai

Listing ID : KB1691

Investment Range : 0 - 25 Lakhs

Industry : Education

Sub Industry : Pre-Schools

looking to buy any business (open)

Any business, Preferred one is Manufacturing, distribution

State : Maharashtra

City : Mumbai

Listing ID : KB1680

Investment Range : 0 - Any

Industry : Manufacturing, Trading & Distribution

Sub Industry : Adhesive tapes, Designer tapes, Bottling Water and +27 more

Looking at acquiring a running business with good clients in the Manufacturing and Packaging industr

I am looking at acquiring a running business in Mumbai, Pune, Baroda in the engineering or packaging space with a budget of 3 crore. I am looking at expanding my current business.

State : Gujarat, Maharashtra

City : Ahmedabad, Mumbai, Pune and +1 more

Listing ID : KB1649

Investment Range : 1 Crore - 5 Crore

Industry : Courier , Logistics , Packaging and +2 more

Sub Industry : Capital Goods , Machines, Packaging-Material and +1 more

Looking to Acquire a Company which has been established for 3ye

I am looking to buy a company. Primary factors for consideration are:

  1. Should have positive Net Worth.
  2. Existence of 3 years or more.
  3. Good Financials are preferred.
  4. Pvt. Ltd. or Public Ltd. company

State : West Bengal

City : Kolkata

Listing ID : KB1518

Investment Range : 0 - 50 Lakhs

Industry : Export , Import Houses

Sub Industry : Export Houses

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