Loan Funding

If you are a business looking to obtain funds but the conventional channels seem to be a bit of a hassle, we, at Kapso​ provide a solution to ease the trouble you go through in order to obtain loans for your firm.

How we come into the picture….

We provide a simplified platform to creditworthy borrowers to access funds at lower costs whether it is to support your working capital needs or for expansion purposes.

Through this method of loans, businesses can get access to financing that they otherwise would need approval for from the standard financial institutions.

We want to do our bit to make a difference…..

At KAPSO, our primary aim with providing funding is to increase the scope of financial inclusion at attractive costs​ and surpassing the traditional means of funds by providing both secured & unsecured loans.

Some of the situations where our funding would help a business​:

  • Purchase of new assets

  • Working Capital needs

  • Businesses cannot afford to pay higher costs to obtain funds

  • Build your business credit

  • Need for equipment

  • Purchase of more inventory

  • Need for new talent

Why Choose us to help you with your funding needs?

  • Easy, Transparent, Hassle free process

  • Option of secured & unsecured loans

  • We value your time, so we do our best to quicken the process so that you may have your funds at the earliest

How do we provide you our assistance?

We use our large network of Banks, NBFCs, private investors etc​ to connect you with.

Get in touch with us to know more about the procedure we follow to help you grow by providing you the funds you need to take your business to where you want it to be. Contact us at +91 80 80 171 171 or write to us at