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Looking for a Lucrative Business Opportunity

I am employee with the Government currently, looking to start a business for my own. I would be keen towards the business opportunities from Electrical Industry. I am open to associate and work as a partner.

State : Chhattisgarh

City : Bhilai, Bilaspur, Raipur and +1 more

Listing ID : KB828

Investment Range : 0 - 1 Crore

Industry : Advertising , Media, Airlines and +63 more

Sub Industry : Adhesive tapes, Designer tapes, Advertising and +72 more

Looking to acquire a Retail, F&B business

We are currently in the E-commerce business that is the food business as well as food export. We are looking to diversify in the service industry either in the F&B sector such as a restaurant chain or cafe. We are looking to invest 10-50lakhs in the new venture

State : Delhi, Maharashtra

City : Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, New Delhi

Listing ID : KB826

Investment Range : 10 Lakhs - 50 Lakhs

Industry : Food , FMCG , Agriculture and +2 more

Sub Industry : Apparel Stores, Books & Stationery Stores, Fast Food Outlets and +2 more

Looking to Acquire a Hotel or a resort

We are looking to acquire a hotel or resort wants to acquire a resort or a hotel in Uttarakhand. He has a budget of in and around 5 Cr. 

State : Uttaranchal

City : Almora, Chamoli, Dehradun and +1 more

Listing ID : KB827

Investment Range : 1 Crore - 5 Crore

Industry : Hotels & Restaurants

Sub Industry : 4 Star Hotels, Budget Hotels

Looking to acquire a Pharmaceutical distributorship/ Manufacturing unit

We are looking to expand via vertical integration. We have our own distribution company of OTC drugs based in Amreli Gujarat. We are looking to further expand and are looking to acquire other distribution companies based in Gujarat, Mumbai. We are looking primarily at distributors of OTC as well as prescription drugs.

We are also looking to vertically integrate upw...

State : Gujarat

City : Amreli, Bharuch

Listing ID : KB815

Investment Range : 50 Lakhs - 1 Crore

Industry : Pharmaceuticals , Labs

Sub Industry : Pharmaceuticals

Looking for a service oriented business in Banagalore

I have a background in Construction and Architecture. We are currently looking to acquire/ invest in the service-oriented business. I would be interested to look at opportunities in the industries of Manufacturing and Trading. The companies should be business with a proud history of their products and well recognized.

State : Karnataka

City : Bengaluru

Listing ID : KB801

Investment Range : 1 Crore - 10 Crore

Industry : Construction, Infrastructure, Consumer Durables and +4 more

Sub Industry : Adhesive tapes, Designer tapes, Architectural and +8 more

Looking to buy a good profitable business in Surat

We are looking at the following sectors to explore opportunities in acquisition, Manufacturing, Trading, Core manufacturing, Food processing etc.

State : Gujarat

City : Surat

Listing ID : KB803

Investment Range : 50 Lakhs - 10 Crore

Industry : Chemical, Consumer Durables, Home Appliances and +7 more

Sub Industry : Adhesive tapes, Designer tapes, Bottling Water and +19 more

Looking for Service related business in Delhi

Working professinal with more than 20+ years of eperience in facility management. I am now looking to start something of my own. Interested in Technical services, Facility management relate businesses.

State : Delhi, Haryana

City : Gurgaon, New Delhi

Listing ID : KB804

Investment Range : 10 Lakhs - 50 Lakhs

Industry : Security , Safety , Facility Management and +1 more

Sub Industry : Facility Mgmt, Pest Control, Quality testing and +2 more

Looking for a good Trading related Business in Delhi

We are ino importing and distribution of Petrochemicals. Cuurently we are looking for a business related to the following fields. Super Stockist, C&F agent, Wholeselling, 

State : Delhi

City : New Delhi, Shahdara

Listing ID : KB806

Investment Range : 50 Lakhs - 5 Crore

Industry : Export , Import Houses, Trading & Distribution

Sub Industry : Export Houses, Import Houses

Looking to Acquire Trading or Distributorship company of textiles

We are looking to acquire a retail business in textile such as a ready-made garment. We are looking for a retail business that requires low involvement due to our old age.

We are exploring our options and are looking for a steady business. F&B, Readymade garments, trading and distributorship

State : Gujarat, Karnataka, West Bengal

City : Ahmedabad, Surat

Listing ID : KB807

Investment Range : 50 Lakhs - 5 Crore

Industry : Export , Import Houses, Garment and +4 more

Sub Industry : Apparel Stores, Export Houses, Readymade Garments and +1 more

looking to acquire a manufacturing Setup

Looking to acquire a manufacturing setup of either electronic components. We are looking at locations in and around Gujrat, west benga. Depending on the proposal in we are looking to acquire the land and we are looking to invest 10 lakhs up to 2Cr,



State : Gujarat, West Bengal

City : Ahmedabad, Bharuch

Listing ID : KB810

Investment Range : 10 Lakhs - 5 Crore

Industry : Manufacturing

Sub Industry : Garment , Textile, Leather and +2 more

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