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Looking to acquire a Restaurant chain Pan-India

We are looking to acquire a restaurant chain with multiple outlets pan-India. The restaurants can be either family style restaurants or specialty cafes. we are looking to eventually start our own brand and further expand

State : Chhattisgarh, Delhi, West Bengal

City : New Delhi

Listing ID : KB813

Investment Range : 5 Crore - 50 Crore

Industry : Food , FMCG , Agriculture and +1 more

Sub Industry : Beverages, Restaurants

Looking to Acquire a Bar or a Pub in Delhi

Looking to acquire a Bar or pub in the prime locations in New Delhi. The establishment should be complaint to sell hard liquor and should be profitable. It should contain all the necessary licenses. Looking to invest 1.5-2 Cr. for complete acquisition.

State : Delhi

City : New Delhi, Shahdara

Listing ID : KB797

Investment Range : 1 Crore - 5 Crore

Industry : Hotels & Restaurants

Sub Industry : Restaurants

Looking to acquire a Profitable Running Business in Garments Industry

I am located in Ahmedabad so any profitably running business here is well suited for our requirement. Any product in the garments space.
A company established with their manufacturing setup and the distributional channel would be highly preferred.
The business should be at least 5 years old with clean records and should be having profit for at least 3 continuous yea...

State : Gujarat

City : Ahmedabad

Listing ID : KB798

Investment Range : 50 Lakhs - 5 Crore

Industry : Garment , Textile, Trading & Distribution

Sub Industry : Handlooms , Handicrafts , Earthenware and +7 more

Looking to Acquire a Textile Manufacturing Business/ Cafe Chain

I am primarily looking to acquire a cafe chain which has pan India Brand presences. It should have multiple outlets and can be specializing in either tea or coffee.

Secondarily  Looking to acquire a textile manufacturing setup with a designated factory with machinery to manufacture garments.

State : West Bengal

City : Kolkata

Listing ID : KB799

Investment Range : 1 Crore - 5 Crore

Industry : Garment , Textile, Hotels & Restaurants

Sub Industry : Readymade Garments, Restaurants, Textile Machines

looking for a Manufacturing business in Hyderabad

I am looking for a business in Hyderabad region, in the industry of Manufacturing associated with mechanical and Industrial engineering. I am open to considering businesses with only the setup, NPA too. I am interested in spare parts manufacturing for Automobile Industry.

State : Andhra Pradesh, Telangana

City : Hyderabad

Listing ID : KB792

Investment Range : 5 lakhs - 10 Lakhs

Industry : Courier , Logistics , Packaging and +2 more

Sub Industry : Bottling Water, Packaged Drinking products, Courier and +6 more

Looking to Acquire a Running Profitable Business in Manufacturing

I am looking for a Manufacturing Business into Secondary Packaging, plastic bags, printed / plain, etc.  Also open to investment opportunity. Location preference would be Delhi NCR. 

State : Delhi

City : New Delhi

Listing ID : KB788

Investment Range : 0 - 1 Crore

Industry : Courier , Logistics , Packaging and +3 more

Sub Industry : Packaging-Material , Machinery

State : Maharashtra

City : Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, Pune and +1 more

Listing ID : KB786

Investment Range : 50 Lakhs - 10 Crore

Industry : Consulting, Electrical , Electronics and +5 more

Sub Industry : Capital Goods , Machines, Castings and +12 more

Looking to Invest in a Lucrative Opportunity

I am looking to expand my portfolio w.r.t my family business operations. We are a 40-year-old Distributors and traders of  Industrial goods based in Bangalore.  My firm would like to invest and be a silent partner with a growing established business. We are open to investing in startups too depending on the stability and growth partners of the business. My prefered location would...

State : Karnataka

City : Bengaluru

Listing ID : KB785

Investment Range : 1 Crore - 5 Crore

Industry : Manufacturing, Trading & Distribution

Sub Industry : Adhesive tapes, Designer tapes, Capital Goods and +5 more

Looking for a Running Profitable Stable Business Opportunity in IT Industry

I am currently an employee of an MNC as an IT professional and wants to start something of my own. I would like a business with a track record of stable revenue and profitability. The business should have growth potential and existing clients to carry forward. The company should be at least 3-5 year old. My preferred location would Thane suburbs but I am open to Mumbai as a broad consideration<...

State : Maharashtra

City : Mumbai, Thane

Listing ID : KB781

Investment Range : 0 - 50 Lakhs

Industry : Information Technology (IT), Retail

Sub Industry : Apparel Stores, Fast Food Outlets, Grocery Stores and +14 more

Looking for a Lucrative Opportunity in Service Indutry

I am a business analyst and currently managing digital marketing for my family business. Currently looking to find a complimentary business to acquire leading to diversified group portfolio.  I am looking for the a business with following  features.

Service focused business
Alternative industry to help diversify business portfolio
Strong online and social prese...

State : Maharashtra

City : Mumbai

Listing ID : KB769

Investment Range : 0 - 5 Crore

Industry : Advertising , Media, Food and +5 more

Sub Industry : Digital Marketing Agency, E -Commerce, FMCG and +2 more

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