Reason for sale : Raising funds for expansion

Investment Opportunity in a Growing E-commerce Jewellery Business


Company Statistics

Company Description

With a strong track record of over 111 years of offline presence and 3 years of online presence, our client is looking forward to capturing the Jewellery market through the growth offered by digitization.


Product Portfolio:

  • Bullions • Diamond Jewellery • Gold Jewellery



  • 2022* - INR 50 Cr • 2021 - INR 21 Cr • 2020 - INR 12 Cr


Website Traffic: 2021 - 4,27,313, 2020 - 1,67,304


Notable USP's:

  • Only company providing the service of exchanging old gold to clients, without any hassles of visiting the store.
  • Profitable since day 1 (while the majority of them are still loss-making)
  • Focus on the sale of gold Jewellery (while the rest all are majorly focusing on Diamond Jewellery) Company HQ – Mumbai, India. Locations Served: India, Australia, UK, US Fund Requirement – INR 15 Cr for purchase of gold, marketing, and other operating expenses.